my name is caitlin and you'll find me at temple university complaining about most things


parents: “u should be more active”

me: image

i only have four post-its left on my wall and i just finished another paper and i’m so excited to be so close to finally completing this semester

i haven’t stopped biting my nails, biting the inside of my cheeks, eating, and/or picking my forehead all day and i usually do those things when my anxiety is acting up but i don’t actually have any reason to be stressed or anxious so idk why i feel like i have to be chewing on stuff so much today

to be fair everyone’s hair looked bad 2007-2009

yeah these pictures aren’t doing anyone justice lemme tell u

my mom is cleaning out some of the rooms in our house so i went through the old PC that we’re planning on getting rid of to make sure there wasn’t anything important saved on it but the only things i kept were the pictures and let me tell you i am now in possession of some really unfortunate photos circa 2007-2009

can we talk about this comment my professor gave me on my last essay?

"I do not award 100s lightly. I am of the opinion that every piece of writing can be improved (as true of my own writing as it is of any piece I review or critique). If there are any minor problems I would raise with your essay though, the fact remains that it fulfills and exceeds every expectation of the assignment. You teased out nuances in the readings and made cogent arguments. You also write with strength of mind and level of wit that is very rare. It is a joy to read your work. Thank you. I usually save this kind of thing for the end of semester, but I want you to know that you are one of the best students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching at any institution. If you ever need a letter of recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask."

that’s literally like one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me probably like i just wanna get out of my seat (i’m in her class right now and am not paying attention oops) and hug her