and then i’m also scheduled next saturday but that’s absolutely not happening since next week is rush AKA the first week of class so the store is literally going to look like a zoo in which a bomb went off and the managers will have worked 12 (10+ hour) days in a row at that point so everyone has dubbed friday night “fucked up friday” and we’re all getting drunk as hell to celebrate the end of rush so like i’m not tryna wake up to work on saturday morning u feel me?

so at work someone dropped the ball when this week’s schedule got written since travis was the only veteran scheduled in our department all day tomorrow and adam (my dept. manager) was like fuuuuuck i need someone else who knows what they’re doing instead of all these new kids so since i’m too nice/poor/have nothing better to do i offered to just come in because i like hanging out and i need money so w/e

but then maybe three hours after i said i’d come in, next week’s schedule came out and i got scheduled for sunday so basically i’ve been working for a week straight like how did this happen

I do!! we can be weirdo freaks together


depending on how late i decide to work tomorrow i’ll have worked a total of 46 or 48 hours this week and it was SO FUN and i better be rolling in money when i get my checks

i also straight up chose to exclusively work at my minimum wage job next week instead of my almost-double-the-minimum-wage job because i love everyone there so much and they need my help badly and as stressful as rush weeks are i lowkey love being in control of the desk and phones when things are super hectic

straight up dropped a class four days before the semester starts because i would rather take an 8AM than have to read 7 books

just worked an 11 hour day literally on a whim and it was actually really fun?? wtf is wrong with me


And here’s a better view of the pattern #watercolours #illustration #cat #kitten (by Laura Manfre)


And here’s a better view of the pattern #watercolours #illustration #cat #kitten (by Laura Manfre)

Title: The Calendar

Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Played: 2107 times


The Calendar | Panic! At The Disco

Put another X on the calendar
Summer’s on its deathbed
There is simply nothing worse
Than knowing how it ends